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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we need a new organization?

To avoid all politics. Avoid the administrative spending that occurs in most of available heart care organizations. We promise to spend all donations on patient care.


Who are the donors?

Everyone! Individual and Corporate, Elderly and Young, Men and Women. All can be a donor or volunteer depending on individual abilities. A few dollars or a few thousand dollars could be donated by anyone. Tax exmpt. 


How can you guarantee your promises?


In a simple answer, our financial records and audits will be published annually to assure all donors, that their money was spent as promised; on patient care and prevention..


How can we help?

Everyone's help is more than welcome. We need all of you to donate your time, effort and support so we can succeed in providing cardiac care to needy patients. Each of you could have a role. It takes many hands and hearts to create change. Won't you join us?.


What is the best way to give and support?

Navigate through the site and you will find access to different ways to donate and give your support to all cardiac patients.


Checks, credit card, cash and all forms of payments are welcome.


Sign up as a volunteer and you will be notified of upcoming events.

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