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1-Heart Services Ambition

Some of the  services provided to patients through a legal and measurable system, are to promote  better patient care, a healthier community, and finally national prevention from heart disease and internationally. With that said, some of the modalities 1-Heart has adopted to deliver services to patients, as approved by the board of directors, include the following:


  • Support needy patient with home care services: as the best option to guarantee treatment success and prevent re-admission to hospitals. This will require a special arrangement and relationship with home care service organizations, with a special contract to meet the non-profit needs but also guarantee the minimum for patient care.


  • Provide low cost medications: This will require a special arrangement with pharmaceutical companies to not only provide generic medications, but also help patients to apply and get the medications through some of the pharmaceutical patient assistant programs.


  • Provide needy cardiac patients with preventive treatment measures: like monitoring their blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight. Also provide them with low cost preventive annual shots, especially those that the Federal government has a program in place for. This will facilitate a more productive long-term treatment by addressing each item independently and collectively to have a better success treatment rate on the long run.


  • Provide family support for the needy patient to promote better home care and a healthier family environment. Example:  how to convince family members to stop smoking in the house when one parent had a massive heart attack. This educational mission requires understanding and skilled staff.


  • Provide hospital care support when needed. This is a difficult process to do because of the cost of inpatient care. To answer this challenge, the board elected to negotiate  lower cost treatment plans with local hospitals, where 1-Heart guarantees the minimum payment in return for standard excellent inpatient service to those uninsured patients. The hospital administration is very excited because of the potential reduction of the no pay patient population by using 1-Heart as a model to help those patients.

Provide Financial Support: To utilize in


  • Cardiac treatment: Including in and outpatient

  • Cardiac prevention

  • Hosiptal bills financial assistance

  • Physician office visit assistance and coordination


Facilitate Treatments Plan:


  • Treatment plan as approved by a cardiologist

  • Provide maintenance treatment plan to prevent re - hospitalizatio

  • Provide transportaion to patients to guarantee accees to care

  • Provide medications to have a successful treatment plan


Preventive Measures:


  • Blood testing to monitor risk factors and medication effects

  • Arrange for cardiac testing with affilitaed facilities

  • Seminars to educate the public about heart disease

  • Media campaign to remind everyone about the best way to avoid becoming a cardiac patient


More to come

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