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1-Heart Mission.

As part of the human family, our hearts were meant to beat as one.
When we support each other, we save each other.
Join us in saving every heart through "1-Heart".

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the world. And now, there is a significant increase in uninsured patients who need healthcare services, especially cardiac patients, We have found a lack of committed organizations to provide some local help and guidance for a better future. All of those factors led to creation of 1-Heart idea, where all of us are “beating as one heart, supporting each other to survive and have a healthy "1-Heart”.


Heart disease is the number one killer in United States and the world. Despite all kinds of education and protocols provided by multiple organizations, including American Heart Association (AHA), American Medical Association (AMA), which helped to improve our patient care. Unfortunately, we still have the disconnect between knowing what we have to do and doing it. 


That leads us to our 1-Heart goals;


  1. Financially assist in patient care / medication. This is for patients who are not able to afford it.

  2. 1-Heart does not plan on duplicating the good effort AHA and AMA are already doing but will concentrate on helping care for patients medical and financial problems.


Despite the government's attempt to solve some of these negative elements in our health care through the Affordable Care Act, we know that millions of Americans are still going to be without insurance (or they will have a lower standard insurance), leading to more co-payments or higher deductibles. This makes it harder and sometimes impossible for patient to seek the best cardiac care at the right time.


We believe that 1-Heart will be a local source to help support those extra needs for patients, by private funding, with limited administrative costs.


By utilizing the passion of our all-volunteer staff, we will help with patient care when they can’t afford it, and/or provide the support needed to their family. This compassionate approach will help in managing the patient’s life style leading to a better quality of life.


1-Heart was approved and was granted the 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service allowing for tax-exempt status for the organization.


Eventually, the goal of 1- Heart is be a national and international organization that helps promote better cardiac care. We would do this by supporting international institutions financially to equip them with updated technology to provide a better care to patients.

Mission 1

  • Providing financial support to patients who are unable to afford the care they need to prevent and treat heart disease.


  • Promote healthy living through educational efforts using the media and health fair opportunities to reach those affected by heart disease


  • Scientific meeting to promote research and new discoveries


Mission 2

Individual Level:

1-Heart will work to promote a healthier lifestyle for an individual patient through proper education and financial support to help a needy patient who lacks the financial resources necessary to apply the preventive measures and live a lifestyle that is heart smart.


Local & Regional Level

The goal and mission of 1-Heart is to work to prevent heart disease. By doing so, the work of 1-Heart will directly assist in preventing hospital admissions and readmissions for patients. This will then improve the financial situation of patients supported by 1-Heart mission, which will result in a positive impact on the local economy. 1-Heart will help to promote a healthy lifestyle thought out the Northwest Ohio / Southeast Michigan region which currently is ranked very poorly as compared to other regions in the United States

Mission 3

National Level:

With the current government health care initiative, outpatient care, education and hospital readmission prevention becoming a mandate for physicians across the country. The goal of 1-Heart is to promote improved outpatient care for needy patients at low or no cost to the patient. The work of 1-Heart to educate and assist the specific patient population with financial struggles in caring for them will positively impact the nation-wide issue of repeated readmissions.


International Level:

1-Heart will promote international healthy lifestyles and disease prevention by cooperating with all national and international organizations working to achieve the same goals. 1-Heart will promote the mission of the American Heart Association through its own mission and will do so without incurring or paying administrative costs, thereby providing the maximum financial resources for the needy patients being served. 

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